Introduction to Password Management Software Bitwarden

Why Use Password Management Software#

When you have a bunch of messy accounts, password management becomes very difficult. Many people reuse passwords for convenience, but sacrifice security. The best measure is to use random strong passwords and use password management software to maintain them.
Random strong passwords have no patterns, cannot be cracked by brute force, cannot be remembered, and cannot be manually entered. Password management software must be used to assist.

Password Management Software Selection#

After repeated comparisons, bitwarden is currently chosen as the password manager. Using bitwarden as a password manager has the following advantages:

  1. Simple and convenient to use
    • Log in to the bitwarden official website to use bitwarden's online service.
    • Can save and create an unlimited number of passwords. Can be synchronized across multiple devices and platforms, supporting all mainstream computer and mobile systems.
    • Supports browser extensions and password autofill.
  2. High security
    • Uses end-to-end encryption. End-to-end encryption means that the data is fully encrypted before leaving the device, during transmission, and when it reaches the target device. It is only decrypted on your local device. Therefore, only you have permission to read the data (even bitwarden officials cannot decrypt and read it). [Open an encryption principle pit]
    • Open source code. One of the principles of modern password systems is that data security does not depend on encryption algorithms, but on keys. As long as the keys are not lost, the data is secure. All of bitwarden's algorithm source code is publicly available on the bitwarden code repository. Open source code means accepting supervision from everyone. In turn, community experts can also contribute code to bitwarden and fix bugs. In addition, all of bitwarden's source code is available for download. This means that if you want, you can deploy it on your own server.
    • Strong community support. bitwarden operates a large official forum, Reddit forum, and GitHub community.
  3. Free
    • The free features are already very powerful. Of course, you can also pay a small amount to get more secure protection. As of the time of publication, personal users can upgrade to the premium version for only $10/year. But it is also recommended to try the free version for a period of time before deciding whether to purchase.

Why not choose LastPass?
You can refer to this link. In summary, it includes slow browser plugin performance, closed source code, etc.
Why not choose the password management services built into Chrome or Edge?
They lack cross-browser support, have limited device compatibility, and lack sufficient security. You can further refer to this link and this link.

bitwarden User Guide#

  1. Create an account and remember the master password.
  2. Enable two-step login in the account settings and consider saving the recovery code securely.
  3. Install browser extensions / desktop clients / mobile clients Official Download. For Android users in China who do not support Google Play, you can try downloading from third-party app stores such as APKPure, which may require some magic.
  4. Generate secure passwords, including special symbols and removing confusing characters.
  5. Save passwords and use them across multiple devices.

bitwarden Highlights#

  1. Multiple domains with the same account may require adding custom rules in the account settings-domain rules (many rules are already preset).
  2. In addition to password management, bitwarden also provides a secure note storage service, where you can store sensitive information such as identification numbers.
  3. Supports private deployment. Can use bitwarden or vaultwarden.
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